About the Company

Thrilling Experiences – Global Leadership – Sustainability

At E-Surf Sport, we believe that entertainment is a fundamental part of our era. In a world where people seek excitement and intense emotions, our mission is clear. We are here to develop unique and innovative electric products that deliver those intense sensations our customers crave. Our aim is to introduce you to thrilling, environmentally-conscious sports that leave a positive impact. Our ultimate goal is to lead the world in the development of electric recreational products that redefine the way we enjoy our planet.

Company History:

Our journey began with a visionary named Audric Hartmann, whose passion for water sports and environmental responsibility sparked a revolutionary idea. Audric’s quest was to replace the polluting and noisy gasoline-powered watercraft with an environmental-friendly alternative that would let enthusiasts surf on any body of water, irrespective of waves or towing boats. The challenge was daunting – to create a powerful surfboard, compact yet thrilling, propelled entirely by a turbine. In May 2021, Audric’s vision took form as he founded E-Surf Sports Inc. Today, we proudly look back on our journey that started with those early ideals. 

Whether you’re looking for the adrenaline rush of the perfect wave or the serenity
of a glide on calm waters, trust E-Surf Sport to provide you with the equipment and
expertise you need.